heating elements


Electric ultra flat flexible heaters made by Alper are the result of a continuous technologic research aimed to get the most advanced market needs and technical developments.
Alper makes flat heating foils made by several materials depending on the application and the power density.
Polyester heating elements (where the heating effect is produced by a special carbon paste internally developed) are made by thick film technology, Silicon ultra flat heaters are made by etch foil and / or wire wound technology, Kapton heating foild are made by etch foil technology and PVC heaters made by carbon ink know-how.

These heating mats are not only flexible, they are also extra thin. They can be produced as pre-formed (silicon type) in order to be easily applied on pipes, filters and valves for applications up to about 200°C.
The wire wound or etch foil silicon heaters can be supplied also complete with fixing belts, holes and in any special shape upon request. With the wire wound technology we are able to supply even one single piece without production of dedicated tooling.

The polyester heating mats are very flexible and conceived to work for several years, they assure an optimum temperature spreading over the heating surface.

They are often used as mirror demisters, cup warmers on coffee machines, electric propagators for seeds growing, little animals warming, anti-frost systems for industrial applications (chillers and heat pumps), … for applications up to about 100°C.
The particular thick film technology with carbon paste allows to reach ink heating mats with very high ohmic values.

All Alper ultra flat heating elements can be produced with self-adhesive surface, type of leads / cables upon client needs and with probes, sensors, thermal protectors… in order to guarantee sure and safe applications.

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